Skyline RSGS Gimbal Stabilisation

The new high-tech Skyline RSGS rock solid gimbal stabilisation gyro system from Photo Higher is an upgrade for your existing AV130 or AV200 to provide rock solid gimbal stabilisation. This is achieved by using state of the art ARM processors and advanced PID control.

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Skyline RSGS Gimbal Stabilisation

Item Code: SKY-1000

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Please note the Skyline RSGS is designed for stabilising camera gimbals mainly the AV200 and AV130 camera gimbals.  It may work with other gimbals however as we have not tested this gyro with every gimbal out there we can not guarantee how well it will work.

Latest Improvements

This is the lates firmware for the Skyline.  Roll drift when panning is fixed, jitter issues are greately improved.
We have also set up an auto tune function and removed some of the more functions in the software to make things simpler.

To solve jitter problems which may be caused by noise on the power line, a H-loom can quickly be made to separate the servo-motor power from the Skyline power.

The downloadable PDF shows specific connections.

The new user guide 1.1 is now available

Fixed bug in roll
Now cuts off when servo goes the wrong way or if pot is plugged incorrectly.
User can switch between normal and slew mode for both roll and tilt.

We have developed software especialy for the Skyline RSGS. This along with regular firmware updates can be downloaded here.

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